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george farbotko  

George M. Farbotko’s works are abstract as well as surreal-fantasy sculptures. The abstract sculptures deal with universal themes common to people of many cultures. The surreal-fantasy sculptures are derived from everyday personal experiences and observations of family and people in daily life. The sculptor works in a variety of media including wood, bronze, ceramic, concrete, stone and a combination of materials.

George has shown his work nationally and internationally and is represented in numerous public and private collections. If you wish to contact him about his work, gallery shows, commission, workshop or just to say “hello,” please e-mail george@sculptureusa.com.

George Farbotko has been designing and sculpting abstracts in snow since 1987. He has competed with his international team, Team USA-Illinois, in major snow sculpting competitions around the world.

The snow sculptures represented are from national and international contests and range from three to six meters in height. The international pieces have been executed from cubes of compacted snow of approximately 3.5 meters or more and usually take four to five days to complete. Sculpting snow takes a team effort with sculptors working collaboratively. It is as enjoyable for the people who come to watch the process unfold as it is for the artists who work in the elements to create sculptures out of nothing but snow.